CMS Lightbox Gallery

This method uses the built-in webflow lightbox to display your CMS items.

By utilising an HTML Embed object within a Dynamic list you can make various aspects of the code dynamic by pulling the unique info into the coding via the "+ Add Field" option.

The Dynamic list galleries below will now show the visual results in the editor view, but will do so when the website is published.

Manual Version

Progress notes

Got captions added in. However still working on getting a way to put video into the dynamic lightbox, haven't quite got it yet.

EDIT: Dec 15, 2016

Webflow now only implements javascript when needed. So to get around this:

  • Make a new hidden page
  • Make a normal Lightbox gallery with the official Lightbox Link Elements (like how I made my manual one above)

This will make webflow implement the javascript into the website and your dynamic Lightboxes should work again.